Forced Femdom Training With A Strapon Dildo

These sexy female dominant mistresses are just begging to humiliate their male slaves in some forced femdom humiliation! They love to strap on that huge cock dildo and stuff it up these guys’ virgin assholes for the ultimate in humility training. Watch them as they turn these guys into their little bitches!

sexy female dominant mistresses

These guys have never had so much as a finger up there before, but now they’re about to take a 10" dildo! These are some sexy forced femdom training videos that just may leave you begging for more. Will these pathetic guys cry like a little bitch? Will they run home to Mommy? They won’t have a chance because they are at the mercy of these cruel mistresses!

Watch Guys Take A Huge Strapon In Their Virgin Ass

Forced Facesitting In The Sitter’s Chair

Forced Facesitting

This slaveboy didn’t know what he was in for as he put on his leather mask and his blonde mistress sat on his face in some forced facesitting the sitter’s chair! She tied a rope around his balls, just enough to cut off the circulation as she gave them a yank! She even made him worship her boots and then put clothespins on his nipples as he laid there at her mercy. After she got him on the feet, he was chained to the wall for a little bit more CBT! She gave him some forced femdom CBT training with a swift knee to the groin! These high resolution pictures of all of the twisted femdom scenes show just how well trained this pathetic man is!

Will He Be Able To Breathe Under Her Ass? Find Out!

All Caged Up In Forced Femdom Training

some forced femdom training

This poor guy can’t catch a break! Not only is his mistress stepping on his body parts with her BZ heels, but she’s got him locked in a cage and at her mercy. He is in some forced femdom training and he won’t get out of that cage until he complies with her demands.
She’s got a painful chastity lock on his dick that only makes him cringe as she tugs on it. Then he is made to worship her boots and he better get every inch of them clean with his tongue if he knows what’s good for him! And his reward for all of this insanity? He gets some forced femdom humiliation training as she stuffs a big dildo in his ass!

His Cock And Balls May Never Be The Same Again

Whipped Into Forced Femdom Training

This blonde mistress has her slave shackled to a wheel and his life is about to get a whole lot rougher! She’s got him just where she wants him and he is completely unable to move. She’s teaching him some forced femdom training as she takes out her flogger and whips his ass!

flogger and whips his ass

She spins him upside down on the wheel and tugs violently on his cock, hoping to milk him of his cum. But then before she allows this pathetic worm to cum, he is forced to lick her boots in some sexy forced femdom humiliation. He cleans every last spot on them with his tongue! She continues to flog him mercilessly and this poor bastard’s ass turns completely red!

See Him Shackled To The Wheel And Flogged!

Forced Femdom Humiliation Strapon Training

Femdom Humiliation

This poor pathetic dude is ridden like a horse with a leather mask on as he is made to suck the strapon cock of his other mistress! She treats pony boy like a good ride as she spanks his ass from behind and tightens the reigns. His mouth is firmly wrapped around the fake rubber cock of his mistress as she gives him some forced femdom humiliation. While he turns out to be quite the good cocksucking little bitch, his equestrian talents are quite fine as well. His mistress bounces up and down on his back as she breaks him into forced femdom humiliation. Giddy up, pony bitch! I have a feeling these ladies are far from done with you!

Watch This Bitch Boy Take Some Pony Training!

Sexy Rubber Fetish And Forced Femdom

forced femdom training

These guys have a fetish for a woman in rubber, and their cocks take notice as the first mistress strokes her man’s length against her slick PVC costume!
Another one of the rubber fiends is in a rubber bag as he is in forced femdom training with his mistress that makes him eat her pussy! Another vinyl wearing blonde gives her slave a good handjob as she sits on his face and makes him give into some forced facesitting! Lastly a man is shackled and completely helpless attached to a wheel as he is given a foodjob with some very high heeled boots by his mistress! She rides his stiff cock and then milks him until he cums for her!

See This Foursome Of Rubber Fetish And Femdom!

Mistress Jean

Femdom Slaveboy

Nina is interested in the entire alternate lifestyle of BDSM. So she confides in her friend Mistress Jean to ask a few questions about her fetish desires. Jean has just the man for Nina to try it out on for some hot forced femdom. She has kept a slaveboy in chastity for over a month and she is willing to let Nina give his cock a spin! So Nina rides on top of him, but the male slave is not so desperate to cum. Afterall, he knows Mistress Jean’s rule of castrating him after he cums! He pleads not to cum but can’t hold it in any longer. So then he is taken to the procedure room for forced femdom CBT as Mistress Jean castrates him!

Watch A Dude Get His Balls Castrated By His Mistress!

Pathetic Male Slave Gets Forced Femdom Cbt

This ball-busting bitch Lady Cheyenne loves to give her slaveboys a good forced femdom CBT now and again. As this poor pathetic soul is tied up to the ceiling, Lady Cheyenne comes in and blindfolds him and gives him a swift kick to the nuts! She continues to administer hard blows with her high heeled red boots to the front of his cock, and then goes around the back to nail him in the balls!

forced femdom CBT

He is enslaved into complete forced femdom humiliation while she continues to kick the shit out of him. Eventually she decides to untie him but only to continue kicking his family jewels! He collapses in pain and holds onto his painfully swollen nuts as Lady Cheyenne just leaves him there to his own suffering.

Watch Him Get His Ballsack Repeatedly Pummelled!

Goddess Lexi Administers A Forced Femdom Whipping

Goddess Lexi is one of the most evil mistresses you could ever hope to be in service of. She drags her slave to her dungeon where she has him chained to the ceiling as she administers the bull whip against his back. As soon as she is satisfied with all of the welts she has given her slave, she goes to feel his lesions to inspect her work.

Forced Femdom Whipping

Then Goddess Lexi goes back to whipping him from behind and even wraps the bull whip around his body so it stings his cock and nuts. She is proud of her work and as his feet are shackled to the floor and he is rendered completely immobile, she runs the butt end of the bull whip over his welts.

Watch His Cock Take A Harsh Whipping From Lexi!

Forced Femdom Training On Disobedient Slaveboy

harsh corporal punishment

When Mistresses Jade and Sonya found out that their pervert slaveboy had been jerking off to their shoes and panties, they decide to give him a little forced femdom training! As he is fully exposed and bent over before them, his two mistresses give him a paddling that his red ass won’t soon forget!
The ladies take turns paddling his cherry red ass, and then demand that he cowers on the floor. His forced femdom experience will for sure keep him out of their intimate items again! They give him a few more paddlings for good measure and then these cruel mistresses let him cower on the floor to think about just what he did to deserve such a harsh corporal punishment!

See Cruel Mistresses Punish Their Slaves Inside!

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